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It all started with a partnership between Fabio Sciedlarczyk and Nicolas de Aquino, two prominent talents in the computer graphics industry who shared a love for detail-oriented processes and a passion for always raising the bar. Viewing themselves as more than 3D artists but designers at heart, they conceived DAMN! as a place of dialogue where all ideas can be taken seriously, and no voice is too small.


With the goal of not only understanding the projects we are involved with but also helping them become the absolute best versions of the initial idea, DAMN! quickly became a group of like-minded people. Always welcoming collaboration and tackling challenges with a positive mindset, we replaced critique with the simple question: How can we make it better? This iterative process laid the foundation for DAMN!, which we proudly consider an incubator for creativity and innovation, where every project is a symphony of diverse talents coming together to create something exceptional.


DAMN! was created to help animation projects transition from concept to screen quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively.



We work directly in 3D. From the start. This way we can refine ideas collaboratively in the context of the final visual product. Without losing sight of the big picture. Once this stage is done, either creating the final product ourselves or providing guidelines for your team makes rendering final production frames a lightning fast and predictable task. 



Leveraging over 25 years of combined experience in the high-end CG animation  industry, working at companies like Disney, Netflix Animation, Sony Pictures Animation and Nickelodeon. We have identified the most common pain points and how to solve complex tasks in the search of the best results. We have a burning desire to implement this methodology and knowledge in service of delivering the highest quality to your project. 

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